Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dollar Tree Sells Baseball Cards

Just as I was bemoaning the fact that you can't find baseball cards for sale anymore, my wife sends me on a shopping trip to Dollar Tree. Sent to get paper plates, sandwich bags and double-A batteries. Standard fare, nothing special.

Imagine my shock, surprise, amazment, bewilderment, excitement when I saw a large display selling, of all things, sports cards. There were several sports represented, most packs were from 2008. There were Donruss Americana Football, Upper Deck First Edition baseball and football, Upper Deck Football Heroes, and MISL set and then these:

As you can see, the wrapper advertises "40 years of Baseball Trading Cards," with "Historic Star Card in Every Pack." The packs advertise that you may get a card from as far back as the 1960s. The company is Cards One and you can find their website here.

A-ha! Here it is, the fine print on the wrapper:
Approximate odds per pack: Historic Star Card 1:1 Packs, Vintage Baseball Trading Card 20 Years or Older 1:5 Packs, Vintage Baseball Trading Card 30 Years or Older 1:10 Packs, Vintage Baseball Trading Card 40 Years or Older 1:100 Packs
Now, I know I should know that this is merely a recycled way to get me to buy a bunch of commons. There is no earthly reason that I should expect anything good to come out of my dollar investment. Doesn't matter. It's a pack of baseball cards and I am a sucker.

Without further ado, here is who I received

1977 Topps Leon Roberts #456
1986 Topps Traded Gary Redus #90T
1988 Topps Len Matuszek #92
1988 Topps Mike Stanley #219
1989 Fleer Mike Moore #285
1989 Fleer Erik Hanson #549
1989 Score Kevin Elster #130
1989 Topps Bret Saberhagen #750
1990 Donruss Jerry Reed #614
1990 Fleer Jim Deshaies #229
1990 Fleer Bobby Witt #315
1990 Leaf Steve Sax #96
1990 Score Dave Magadan #46
1990 Score Gregg Olson #63
1992 Fleer Bill Krueger #285

Considering that eight of the 15 cards are 20 years or older, I didn't do too bad. I don't ever recall being excited to see a Leon Roberts or Gary Redus card but I was today. I guess they consider Bret Saberhagen to be the "Star" card. Or maybe it is Len Matuszek. And you can never have enough Mariner pitchers. Good Lord, I forgot how bad they were.

All in all, it was a fun way to spend a buck. On Halloween I would consider it a treat like chocolate. Its good to have one or two but I think a whole bunch of these might make me sick.

Happy Halloween!!


  1. I'd be thrilled to find the card from 1977 in there. The others, not so much.

  2. Eddie Visage, Cleveland TNMarch 16, 2010 at 2:51 PM

    That is pretty cool that someone still sells baseball cards containing years that someone older would enjoy owning. I wonder what all they have on their site. This would surely beat looking for good cards among pokemon, & yu-gi-yoh cards at my local Wal-mart.

    1. Eddie! I miss you...I esp missed seeing you at my grams funeral. Take care.

  3. I enjoy Buying these cards its a Blast from the past.