Sunday, October 11, 2009

DP Cards - Mystery Solved

In the Rob Picciolo entry, there was some discussion of how the "DP" double printed cards are determined.

As you may recall, Topps had the double printed practice for four sets; 1978 through 1981. The previous total was 660 cards in a set and it was raised to 726 for the 1978 issue. At the time, a full printing sheet of cards would contain 132 cards, 11 across by 12 down. To make up the difference, 66 cards were “double printed” to make up the difference in printing.

The Fleer Sticker Project, informs us that:
the DPs are a result of Topps repeating one row of cards on the sheet twice, so it doesn't seem like there was any attempt to repeat specific cards - it was somewhat random. I've attached a picture of a 1980 uncut sheet where you can see that the 5th row is repeated on the 6th row of the sheet.

Here is a picture of a 1980 uncut sheet that he passed along:

Thanks Fleer for the explanation. Also, thanks for the link to your great site. My eight-year old (his birthday was Monday) is a huge fan of your site. He loves the Fleer stickers from all years and they proudly adorn his journal at school, as well as several other folders and areas of the house. He also wants a metal NFL lunchbox now so thanks for that :-)

I'm also sorry to some of you out there that are waiting for cards from me. The older and younger Dean (my Dad and my son) have taken up some unexpected time in the past couple of weeks and the time has slipped past too quickly. We were all in mourning over the Tigers' loss especially since we tentatively planned to go to Game 3 as a birthday present. I'm not living that one down well as you can imagine. I ask your forgiveness and indulgence, I'll be on the stick soon.

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