Sunday, May 30, 2010

Topps Super Card #50 Amos Otis

Here's another installment of the 1980 Topps Super Cards set.

Amos Otis was card #130 in the regular issue set and was featured on nearly one year ago on Thursday, August 27, 1980.

Here is his 1980 Topps Super Card

The kids in the neighborhood played a joke on me saying that this wasn't really Amos Otis and Topps made a mistake. After all, just look at his 1980 card, they reasoned, it wasn't the same guy.

Silly me, I could definately see that Clark Kent was Superman with or without the glasses, but put a moustache on Amos Otis and he was an entirely different person. Ah, the perspective of a nine-year old.

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