Saturday, May 22, 2010

If they had this when I was a kid......

OK, last mention of "The Empire Strikes Back." Really.

Today was a pretty awesome day. Overnight camping trip that ended this morning, little league baseball pictures, followed by a card show. Stumbled across this on the net earlier, a giveaway from last night's Dodgers-Tigers game:

Apparently, the Dodgers recognized the 30th anniversary with "Empire Strikes Back Night." Obi-Wan from "The Clone Wars" sang the National Anthem, Chewbacca threw out the first pitch.

Are you kidding me? How great is this? What I would have done to have baseball combined with Empire back in 1980. It would not have gotten any better.

My son and I watched Empire today, he for the first time. At the climatic scene, I watched him instead of the movie. Watching his eyes grow wide at the "I am your father" line and his incredulous look at me was priceless. It will be a memory I will have for the rest of my life.

On a related note, another 1980s icon is celebrating a 30th anniversary today.

Released in Japan, Pac-Man would rule the world. But that's another post for another day.


  1. I wish there was a way to find it today, but there actually was a baseball tie-in to The Empire Strikes Back in 1980. I remember hearing a radio serial/parody called "The Umpire Strikes Out" where characters were given baseball names: Artoo-Strike-Two, Luke Basewalker, etc. I was 7 at the time so my memory of the actual story has become quite hazy, but I remember thinking it was pretty funny.

  2. Now that you mention it, I do recall something similar airing before one of the games of the 1980 World Series. I don't remember any specific Star Wars tie-ins, only that title and the Star Wars music being played over bloopers and great plays.

    Then again, my memory is hazy too.