Friday, April 17, 2009

#3 1979 Highlights: Manny Mota

Who was this player?
Manuel Rafael Mota Geronimo, or Manny Mota. Mota's career was pretty much done by 1980 after he established the all-time pinch hitting record. 1980 was a big year for Manny as he was named as hitting coach for the Dodgers and achieved immortality in the movie "Airplane" when Ted Striker's voice was creating an echo.

Why I love this card:
This photo looks like it was taken at a night game. I cannot recall another card from this era something similar. Also the photo is a great action shot of Mota in full swing with his name and number in full view.

Something else...
I like how the back of the card even indicates the location of the record breaking hit, and the fact that Smokey Burgess gets mentioned by name.

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