Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Check Them Out!

Over the past month or so, several new blogs have popped up that I would like to give some special recognition to.

First up is a brand new blog started by a very good friend and supporter of this site. Focusing on the truly unique 1978 Grand Slam set, if you are unfamiliar with this or have never seen it, make this one of your daily stops. You will not be disappointed. 199 of the 200 cards in this set have been autographed. I have been along for the ride for some of this quest and appreciate how much has gone into it. Give it a look. Here is card #3 from the set, Hall of Famer Earl Averill

Another great blog is My First Cards, which is featuring the 1982 Topps set. Being the set specific guy that I am, this one is another favorite of mine. Below is my personal favorite 1982 card which I was ready to pitch until my Dad told me what an error card was.

Some other great sets being featured on active blogs are:

1966 Topps
1967 Topps
1968 Topps
1975 Topps
1978 Topps

And of course, special mention is deserved for the Project Baseball 1976 set, who day-in, day-out does a great job and is one of my original motivations. Thanks again.


  1. Thanks for the nod! :-) ...it's not everyday I get mentioned on one of my favorite blogs. The others you recommend sound interesting to me, so I'm off to check 'em out...

  2. Thanks for your comments! :)

    Jim from Downingtown ('66, '67, '68 Topps blogs)