Friday, June 18, 2010

Yahoo Fantasy Baseball Links Us!

My apologies if this post comes off as egotistical, but we began this Friday with a certain amount of pride regarding this blog.

Since it began, I never really considered who read this blog or who it reached. That was never the intent. I guess it is always in the back of your mind, but it not something you really think about. Much like my childhood, this blog was merely sharing cards and memories among a small group of friends. From time to time, I notice that there is a new follower added and am grateful that there are 32 this morning. Your comments and encouragement keep me motivated and for that I remain appreciative.

In my mind, that was it; 32 like minded baseball card/1980 fans who share in the enjoyment. Imagine my surprise when this link from Yahoo Fantasy Sports was passed along to me last night.

I'm not really into Fantasy Baseball so I didn't understand the connection between Brandon Morrow of the Toronto Blue Jays to this blog. I read along and the writer, Brad Evans, concludes with the line "For the Love of Dave Stieb." When you click on that it immediately jumps to Stieb's 1980 page!

Now while I'm not into Fantasy Baseball, I know that there are millions who are. Whether intentionally or not, Mr. Evans just sent who-knows-how-many of his readers to this blog! Thank you very much, sir. I am humbled that my meager summaries of a given player's career has been deemed sufficient to appear on a national website.

Again, if this comes across as bragging or much ado about nothing, I apologize. This is fairly new to me and I am sharing the excitement. So if you will indulge me in tooting my own horn, toot, toot!

We now return you to 1980 programming.....