Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Third 100 Cards - A Review

It's been over a year since this blog began and we have just turned the page on card #300. Even though we are not even near the halfway mark, it has been a fun ride and I appreciate the folks that have been following along. I'm glad that we have been able to share in the memories and enjoyment.

As I have done previously, here is a brief review of the third 100 cards of the 1980 set (201-300).

The division leaders so far are:

AL East - Baltimore/Cleveland/Detroit/New York - 13 cards
AL West - Kansas City/Texas - 13 cards
NL East - Pittsburgh/St. Louis - 14 cards
NL West - Houston - 15 cards

Interesting distribution here as I am sure that the League Leader cards have helped The NL teams. How about Cleveland? Holding their own in the AL East with 13 players featured so far.

The Cubs continue to have little love, again with the fewest cards so far, only 9. San Diego and Montreal join them at the bottom of total players featured.

Here is a breakdown of players featured by position

Catchers - 7 (30 total)
Firs Basemen - 5 (13 total)
Second Basemen - 2 (10 total)
Third Basemen - 5 (12 total)
Shortstops - 6 (16 total)
Outfielders - 18 (52 total)
Designated Hitters - 0 (2 total)
Utilitymen - 12 (31 total)
Starting Pitchers - 19 (64 total)
Relief Pitchers - 13 (42 total)
Swingmen - 2 (5 total)
Team Cards - 4 (10 total)
Checklist - 1 (2 total)

Additionally there were seven 1979 League Leader cards featured at in this group as well.

Also in this group, there were 7 regular issues of Hall of Famers (Carlton, Dawson, Niekro, Perry, Schmidt, Winfield, Yount) with Dawson up for enshrinement next month.

Starting pitchers and outfielders were the two most dominant positions featured and the starters maintain their lead overall.

Finally, there is a pretty even breakdown in the type of photo on the card:

First, the traditional headshot of a player - 34 cards (104 total)
A posed "action" shot - 21 cards (65 total)
Game action photos - 33 cards (106 total)

This breakdown has been remarkably consistent with the previous 100 cards with a nice blend of cards shown. There really hasn't been an overwhelming majority of any one card anywhere in the set, and when it seems like there is, a team card or checklist pops up.

Thanks again to all of you who have been following along, as always, I appreciate your comments and support.

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  1. Thank YOU! This is easily one of my favorite blogs period, let alone baseball card blogs.

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