Thursday, July 30, 2009

The First 100 Cards - A Review

Here's a brief review of the first 100 cards of the 1980 set. The division leaders so far are:

AL East - Boston - 5 cards
AL West - Kansas City - 5 cards
NL East - New York - 5 cards
NL West - San Francisco - 5 cards

All of the teams have been represented between 3 and 5 times with the exception of the Chicago Cubs, who have only had two cards so far.

There has been a pretty interesting breakdown of cards by position. The first six are Highlight cards and then it goes like this:

Catchers - 12
Firs Basemen - 4
Second Basemen - 5
Third Basemen - 1
Shortstops - 7
Outfielders - 15
Designated Hitters - 1
Utilitymen - 10
Starting Pitchers - 18
Relief Pitchers - 14
Swingmen - 3
Team Cards - 4

There have been 4 regular issues of Hall of Famers, three of them catchers (Fisk, Carter, Bench). In fact, catchers far outdistance all of the other infield positions.

Finally, there is a pretty even breakdown in the type of photo on the card:

First, the traditional headshot of a player - 33 cards
A posed "action" shot - 19 cards
Game action photos - 38 cards

That last number pleasantly surprised me. I didn't realize that the 1980 set had as many action shot as this. It will be intersting to see if this pace continues as we go forward.

Thanks again to all of you who have been following along, I appreciate your comments and support.


  1. nice, how many of those action shots are as off-centered as the Bench #100?

  2. Looking forward to the next 100!

  3. Great job so far! Really enjoy following the set. The 1980 is a way underrated design, and a great period in baseball. Looking forward to more!