Tuesday, July 14, 2009

1980 All Star Game

Ah, the All-Star Game is again upon us. I can't think of an event on the baseball calendar that I love as much as this. The entire game stops for three whole days to pause and honor baseball's stars past and present.

With that in mind, I thought that it would be appropriate to look back at the 1980 National and American League All Star teams. While the game wasn't all that memorable (Ken Griffey was named MVP for his home run that would provide the margin of victory). I have vivid memories of this game played in Los Angeles' Dodger Stadium.

The photos are taken from the 1980 World Series program. For the longest time, this was THE highlight for me in getting a World Series program. You simply couldn't find team photos of the All Stars anywhere. I was always glad to see these. Still are.

Therefore, he are the 1980 All-Star teams:


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  2. Great stuff! Imagine getting that autographed!

  3. I guess that you possibly could get this signed even today. Upon quick glance, I don' think that any of the players pictured have passed away or the managers and coaches. The only one on here would be Roy Campanella.

  4. One of the notable things from that All-Star game is Toni Tennille of "the Captain and Tennille" sang the National Anthem before the game. She was ripped afterwards because it appeared as if she was lip-synching it because her lips didn't match the words that were being sung. Later it was determined that she was indeed singing the song. It was just an illusion.